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Goal-Based Enrollment   //   Advisor Managed Accounts   //   Retirement Income   //   IRA Rollovers   //   Participant Engagement  //  Plan Success Reporting   //   Education and Wellness

Goal-Based Enrollment   //   Advisor Managed Accounts   //   Retirement Income   //   IRA Rollovers   //   Participant Engagement  //  Plan Success Reporting   //   Education and Wellness






iJoin EXPLORE democratizes financial planning.

iJoin EXPLORE is a native component of the participant experience that engages users to take steps towards long-term financial security.

EXPLORE presents education and financial planning through activities that address retirement plan benefits, debt management, emergency funds, health care analysis, income protection, social security, life insurance, and more.

Personalized Experiences for Every Employee

Each short, personalized module introduces the user to essential information and an opportunity to take an action that moves them along a rewards path and a step closer to their financial goals. And since the entire experience occurs within iJoin, actions they take automatically update their unique goals-based “Personal Retirement Picture™.”

Retirement Plan

Personal Retirement Picture

A one-page snapshot that instantly translates savings rate and balances to retirement readiness

Add Outside Savings

Refine goal completion through electronic or manual aggregation of spousal or other account assets.

Maximize Match

Get the most out of employer contributions by deferring to the plan match maximum

Investor Type

Understand how risk and return factor into investment allocations

First Savings Dollar

Determine whether savings should begin with HSA, Pre-tax, or Roth contributions

Financial Wellness

Emergency Funds

Determine emergency money needs and fund an emergency savings account

Debt Management

Understand the cost of loans and credit cards and learn ways to reduce them


Learn where the money really goes every month and rethink the possibilities

Financial Planning

Life Insurance

Access information and coverage to protect long term income for loved ones

College Savings Planner

Estimate the costs of sending a child to college

Estate Planner

Learn about generational wealth planning and apply it to real life

Healthcare Analysis

Consider costs about healthcare that impact planning for retirement income needs

Optimizing Social Security

Get the most out of benefits earned by optimizing when and how to take benefits

Distribution Analysis

Determine when to begin taking retirement plan distributions

Everyone is on a unique life and financial path. iJoin EXPLORE presents quick, actionable opportunities for each saver to optimize their retirement plan experience and take steps to improve their personal financial path.

iJoin EXPLORE Q&A for Partners

Learn how EXPLORE can help your organization.

Present a data-driven, personalized learning and financial experience that works to support your goal: improving your employees’ retirement outcomes.

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Answers to Your Questions

These are a few common questions about how iJoin EXPLORE works.

Is EXPLORE supposed to be an educational offering, or a financial wellness offering?

Both. EXPLORE is an educational, wellness, and financial planning tool. It combines essential information and actionable guidance to help people take steps to secure their financial future.

How is EXPLORE different from other learning / coaching modules?
EXPLORE is different in three important ways:

  1. It is embedded in the iJoin user experience whereas most offerings require a user to log in to third party sites to access information and learning experiences.
  2. The actions a user takes to add information updates their iJoin goal projection and the recordkeeping platform with requested changes.
  3. Activity is gamified as users move along their success path.
How is EXPLORE personalized to each user?

Many educational, wellness, and planning tools that start from a blank slate. That can be inconvenient and impersonal, or even intimidating and discouraging, for users.

EXPLORE presents each activity based on information unique to each user’s data and goal projection.

How many activities does EXPLORE include?

EXPLORE contains more than a dozen activities designed to help users improve their long-term savings prospects. They cover areas of the retirement plan experience, financial wellness, and financial planning.

What does the user “journey” lead to?

The metaphor of the user journey is a trekker along a learning path. Each user achieves badges for completion of activities and as they move along their path to success. In future versions, we look forward to tying other incentives to the experience.

Can a user go through EXPLORE in any order?

Yes. While there are some retirement plan activities all users are encouraged to complete, they may visit any activity in any order to learn about or act on financial needs they may have.

Do actions taken by a user in EXPLORE update iJoin and the recordkeeping system?

Actions taken to maximize the employer match or add outside assets update iJoin’s goal projection and, as appropriate, update the recordkeeping system.

Can I enable EXPLORE for some or all plans?

Yes, you may choose to enable EXPLORE globally or on a plan-by-plan basis.

How can I add EXPLORE to my client experience?

Contact iJoin Sales about licensing EXPLORE for your plans. Once licensed, the functionality becomes an integral component of your iJoin user experience without the need to install or maintain an additional product.

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